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There are no jobs too big or too small - we will be happy to create gigantic murals as well as diminutive trompe l'oeil for both residential and commercial spaces.
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kitchen & bath

We also offer complete home, kitchen and bath design services, from small cosmetic changes, to complete remodels.
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Paint is the simplest and most powerful tool in transforming thespace into the environment you crave. Color and texture can create calm and soothing atmosphere, stimulating drama, cheerful freshness, or timeless elegance. Whatever your style or budget might be - paint can help you set the stage.
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commissioned artwork

Need art for your space? We welcome all commissions.
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home staging

We offer a wide range of services from design consulting, to bringing your interior to life. The process can be as simple as removing clutter and adding finishing touches, or as involved as updating entire areas, furnishing empty rooms, or supplementing existing furnishings - all according to your needs. Going the extra mile makes sense when trying to avoid an extended listing, or the prospect of reducing the asking price of your home. Let us help you stir the buyer's imagination, or create a more enjoyable environment for yourself by making the most of your home's interior potential.
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home layout and design

Floor planning and layout design services.